International Trade

International Trade is a growing practice area for Legal-Eye given the significance that it holds in the globalization process. Our range of services in this practice area includes the following:

  • Custom Duties
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Protectionist Levies
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Trade Reports

International trade is a complicated area of law to research because there are numerous levels of trade   organizations  and   interactions.  There  are  bilateral  trade  agreements,   regional  trade agreements and multinational trade agreements. Each of these agreements has its own history, policies and dispute settlement procedures. Trade organizations established under the agreements have separate resources that can be searched. Furthermore, individual countries have their own policies and laws relating to international trade. As an example, the United States Congress must pass  legislation  enacting  international  trade  agreements  before  the  United  States  can officially become a party. The national policies have to be researched individually and frequently separately from the resources relating to the international organizations.