Immigration Law

Legal Eye is one of the leading law firms providing immigration services in India. Our law firm provides a wide range of immigration services ranging from immigration consulting services to assistance in filing of immigration visas and non-immigration visas. Our immigration attorneys have great deal of experience in handling wide variety of immigration matters. Our immigration attorneys specialize in U.S Immigration laws and work closely with Immigration lawyers of the United States to provide best assistance to our clients in getting work visas, spouse visas, fiancée visas, alien relative visas, student visas, tourist visas, family immigration visas, intra company transfers, medical visa, exchange visitor visa, business visa, transit visa, media representative visa, etc. Our law firm also provides assistance in filing applications, petitions, forms and answering queries about immigration law in real time. Our law firm represents clients in case of prohibition of issuance of visa under section 221 (g) of the Immigration Nationality Act on ground of failure to present documents or to meet requirements of United States law or regulation governing issuance of visa. Our law firm provides immigration consulting services to its clients. Our law firm also provides opinions on all kinds of visas. Our law firm works closely with US Embassy in India. We specialize in Indian Immigration services and provide assistance to our foreign clients in getting a tourist visa, Indian business visa, Indian work permit, Indian student visa, medical visa, entry visa, employment visa etc. Our law firm provides assistance to our clients in filing applications, petitions for registration for the status of a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI). We assist with registration with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) for issuance of Residential Permit and Registration Certificate.